Atmospheric Deaerators DEAR Series

Atmospheric deaerators DEAR are designed to remove corrosive gases (oxygen and free carbon dioxide) from feedwater of steam boilers and feedwater makeup of heating systems. Deaerators come fully assembled, tested and ready to use. The unit can also include a steam cooler (waste-heat recovery) and can also be fitted with an additional feedwater preheating unit.

The deaerator unit includes the following main elements:

  • a feedtank;
  • a deaerator head;
  • control valves with an electric or pneumatic actuator and positioner or mechanical pressure reducing valves;
  • a pressure and a temperature gauges;
  • a water level gauge and a water level gauge glass;
  • a safety device;
  • a control panel;
  • stop valves and control instruments.

Depending on the configuration:

  • a finned or shell-and-tube type heat exchanger;
  • a steam injection heater;
  • a circulation pump.