Flash steam recovery unit FSS series

FSS Unit is used to separate the flash steam from a two-phase stream, and its subsequent use in other processes. The condensate liquid phase is removed by its own pressure or with the help of a pump trap. The PRLS group ensures timely overpressure of low-grade steam in case it cannot be disposed of at the moment in the production process.

The units can be used in heat recovery systems for boiler purge and condensate return. It is possible to organize the return of the liquid phase directly to the boiler bypassing vented tanks and, accordingly, avoiding losses with secondary boiling steam.

Flash steam recovery unit consists of the following parts:

  • a separator for separating flash steam;
  • reg. valve with electric or pneumatic actuator and positioner or mechanical pressure reducing valve;
  • condensate drain unit;
  • safety valve;
  • stop valves and control instruments.

Depending on the configuration:

  • heat exchanger for cooling the liquid phase;
  • control panel (for configurations with electronic control components).

Configuration example:

Flash steam recovery unit FSS / PRLS-PN / PMTe-SN-VFD