Heat transfer packages for DHW systems HTGi series

HTGi units of direct heating of water with steam are designed for saturated steam heating of water and other process fluids in circuits in which a sharp change in the flow rate of the heat transfer medium is possible, and, as a consequence, the load (for example, flow heating of hot water). The operation of the heat transfer package eliminates the need for intermediate buffer tanks. Heat transfer packages are available in the power range from 50 up to 1500 kW, and are delivered fully assembled, tested and ready for use.

Heat transfer package consists of the following parts:

  • heat exchanger (finned, fin-and-tube or shell-and-tube type);
  • electric or pneumatic shut-off ball valve;
  • electric or pneumatic control with a valve positioner;
  • condensate drain unit (with a pumped steam trap);
  • circulation pump;
  • stop valves;
  • a control panel;
  • temperature sensors;
  • safety thermostat;
  • control instruments.

Heat transfer package is fully automated and does not need the constant presence of staff.

Configuration example

  • Standard package configuration: heat transfer package HTGi-450-S-W-PN-CF/PMTm with full load heat output 410 kW with additional unit HTG-PR-450-DP-VA
  • Customized package configuration: heat transfer package HTGi-S-W-EL-CMF/PMTm with full load heat output 900 kW