Constant pressure unit FEED

Constant pressure unit FEED is designed to maintain static pressure in water loops. It can be used as a feeding unit for heating and heat supply systems to maintain pressure in hot and cold water supply loops, as well as to supply water under specified pressure to steam cooling units, steam boilers, etc.

The unit contains the following main elements:

  • an electric pump(s);
  • a pressure switch;
  • stop valves and control instruments;
  • a control panel.

Depending on the configuration:

  • frequency converters;
  • a pressure gauge.

By default, the unit is fitted with an atmospheric water tank TANK with a water level control system. In this case, the unit also includes the following:

  • a feedtank;
  • a water level gauge;
  • a pressure control valve with an electric or pneumatic actuator, or a solenoid valve.