Steam pressure reducing unit HTG-PR

Optional steam pressure reducing units are designed for use with heating units of the HTG, HTGi series and are used when the steam pressure supplied to the unit exceeds 4.5 barg.

The unit includes the following basic equipment:

  • pressure reducing valve (or control valve with electric or pneumatic actuator and positioner);
  • safety valve;
  • trap group at the drainage point and a common condensate line;
  • shutoff valves;
  • control instruments.

The unit operation is controlled from the control panel of the main HTG unit. Unit also can be equipped with a metering kit for steam consumption based on a variable area flowmeter.

Configuration example

  • Steam pressure reducing unit with steam metering HTG-PR-750-DP-VAunit for heat transfer package [name the heat transfer package] of 480 kW thermal power