Condensate Recovery Unit with Mechanical Pumps DCHm Series

DCHm unit is designed to collect and pump condensate from multiple steam consumers, fitted with individual steam traps. The main element of the unit is a mechanical condensate pump, which uses steam as its motive power and can pump hot condensate without cavitation from the receiver vented to the atmosphere. It can be installed in hazardous areas or areas with no electrical supplies at hand.

The unit is supplied as a complete, fully assembled and ready to use package, on a frame. Each package includes:

  • a vented receiver;
  • mechanical condensate pump(s);
  • a motive medium delivery line (steam or compressed air)
  • a pressure reducing valve in DCHm-BRV configuration;
  • a discharge line (balance line);
  • stop valves and control instruments.

Configuration example

  • Standard package configuration: condensate recovery unit with motive steam pressure reducing valve DCHm-80S-BRV.
  • • Customized package configuration: condensate recovery unit DCHm-PR with a capacity of 22 t/h.