Active Condensate Drain Unit with Mechanical Pumps PMTm Series

PMTm units are designed for draining and pumping condensate from individual pieces of equipment which operation can lead to stagnation, i.e. the situation when the available steam pressure is insufficient for squeezing condensate into the high-pressure condensate pipeline, or when there is vacuum in the steam space. Most often, these units are installed on pasteurizers, DHW steam-water heat-exchangers, seed driers at oil-extraction plants, etc.

The main element of the unit is a mechanical condensate pump, which uses steam as its motive power and can pump hot condensate even from vacuum equipment without cavitation. It can be installed in hazardous areas or areas with no electrical supplies at hand.

The unit is supplied as a fully assembled package, on a frame. Each packaged unit includes:

  • a receiver;
  • a mechanical pumping steam trap or a combination of a mechanical pump + steam trap;
  • a motive steam delivery line (with a pressure reducing valve in the PMTm-BRV configuration);
  • a dischange line (balance line) with an air vent;
  • stop valves and control instruments.


Configuration example

  • Customized unit: active condensate drain unit PMTm-BRV with a capacity of 1200 kg/h