Active Condensate Drain Unit with Mechanical Pumps PMTе Series

PMTe units are designed for draining and pumping condensate from individual pieces of equipment which operation can lead to stagnation, i.e. the situation when the available steam pressure is insufficient for squeezing condensate into the high-pressure condensate pipeline, or when there is vacuum in the steam space. Most often, this unit is used to drain condensate from heat exchangers with high steam consumption.

The packaged unit includes the following components:

  • a receiver;
  • a water level gauge;
  • an electric pump;
  • a control valve with electric or pneumatic actuator and positioner;
  • a control panel;
  • stop valves and control instruments.

Depending on the configuration:

  • a pressure gauge;
  • a frequency converter.


Configuration example

  • Customized unit: active condensate drain unit PMTe-SN-PN-VFD with a capacity of 1,5 t/h.