Steam pressure reducing units PR

PR units are intended for reducing the pressure of saturated and superheated steam. By combining PR units with other units ( DSH for steam cooling, FLWM for steam flow metering, CTRL for process control) various configurations can be obtained (pressure reduction chillers, etc.).

Mechanical pressure reducers as well as valves with electric or pneumatic actuators can be used as pressure reducing valves. In case of high pressure drops, it is possible to use valves with special multi-stage chambers (to reduce noise, vibration and premature valve failure).

Also, the PR unit can be equipped with an additional FLWM unit for measuring the steam flow rate based on a variable area flowmeters, which impose minimal requirements on the lengths of straight sections.

Each package includes:

  • mechanical pressure reducing valve or control valve;
  • safety valve;
  • condensate drain units;
  • stop valves and control instruments.

Depending on the configuration:

  • steam flowmeter.

When calculating the dimensions of the unit, the requirements for straight sections and other requirements, which are necessary for the correct operation of control valves and steam flow meters, are taken into account.

Configuration examples

  • Standard package configuration: steam pressure reduction unitPR-S-50-E1-DRV-PCK with a capacity of 600 kg/h
  • Customized package configuration: steam pressure reduction unit with steam flow meter PR-S-PN-SEP/FLWM-VA with a capacity of 2500 kg/h