Теплообменник HPHE для дымовых газов SPIRAX SARCO

Рекуператор Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger

Unique and innovative design.

The unique design of the HPHE system provides an extremely efficient transfer of energy, 1000 times more efficient than copper.

The patented superconductor heat pipe contains a vacuum filled with heat transfer fluid to exchange heat from the source to the process.

Теплообменник Рекуператор дымовых газов

Теплообменник Рекуператор дымовых газов

Heat Pipe Heat Exchange systems
Standard HPHE modules
Many application demands can be met from a standard range of modules, where standard ‘cartridges’ of heat pipes are installed into a heat exchanger casing.
Benefits include:
✓ Speed of availability
✓ Easily aligned to process requirements
✓ Easy access and cleaning
✓ Low maintenance

Heat Exchange systems Gas to water
Gas to water HPHE’s are designed to produce hot water from exhaust gas.

Heat Exchange systems Gas to gas
HPHE standard units are also able to transfer heat between a hot gas and a cold gas. Often air is heated and can be used in several ways, from preheating for combustion to use in production cycles or building heating.

Теплообменник пара Рекуператор дымовых газовBespoke HPHE modules
Where a standard modular unit is not available, a HPHE system can be specifically designed to meet your exact requirements, delivering optimised performance and energy recovery.

This includes gas to water and gas to gas.

Steam generation
Indirect steam generation is unique to Spirax Sarco. Our expertise allows us to produce saturated or superheated steam from recovered waste energy over a wide range of pressures and flowrates.