Исследования и развитиеVahterus product innovation and high quality is based on continuous product development, production planning, automated production technology and strong application know-how.

We at Vahterus know that sustainable efficiency and quality throughout the heat exchanger’s life cycle requires integrity and commitment. The innovativeness and high quality of Vahterus products arises from continuous product development from production to design, automated production technology as well as strong process know-how. The strong focus and success in R&D shows in the multiple new products and technological innovations presented to the markets. Technological frontrunnership of Vahterus is based on the eagerness and motivation of the Vahterus team to continuously improve operations and develop heat exchanger technology to meet the demands of our customers. Several global patents and awards granted for innovative design and environmentally friendly products are a token of the success of our development efforts.

Our products, fully welded plate and shell heat exchangers, are selected on the basis of the appropriate thermal dimensioning applicable to their use, based on the knowledge about heat transfer theory, our own laboratory tests and long practical experience. Within product development, we also co-operate with universities, research institutes and companies that carry out research.