сепараторы vahterusPSHE&VES (separate droplet separator)

PSHE & VES are basically designed for ammonia applications but are also suitable for CO2 and all other common refrigerants. The evaporators can be used to cool down liquids and gases but also for condensing gases as in a cascade condenser i.e. in CO2 /NH3 systems. PSHE & VES are available for both Internal and External Separators.

PSHE&VES units have been developed to reduce the dimensions of the separator by using a specially designed droplet separator inside the vessel (demister). The separator also includes extra volume for liquid storage during stand still of other applications in the total system. This enables applications with air-cooled or evaporative condensers and with a high-pressure float valve as the expansion device.

With its compact size, small refrigerant charge, as well as flexible and customized construction Vahterus PSHE & VES offers Flooded Evaporator + Droplet Separator a convenient solution, ready to be installed. Vahterus PSHE’s construction with fully welded circular plates and protective outer shell guarantees safe operation.

  • Capasity 100-5000 kW
  • Optimized oil separation