Низкотемпературная Рекуперация дымовых газов на ТЭЦWaste heat recovery from biogas engine (CHP)

A flue gas flow of 8,500 kg/hr at 180 °C was used to preheat a circulating water stream of a city heating grid from 65 °C to 85 °C.

The fue gas temperature was reduced to 100 °C using a indirect cooling system, which separates corrosive flue gas from the city heating grid.

An overall incentive of 49.000 €/year and a thermal efficiency improvement is 15 % was achieved.

Flue gas flow 8.500 kg/hr
Flue gas inlet temperature 180 °C
Flue gas outlet temperature 100 °C
Liquid inlet temperature 65 °C
Liquid outlet temperature 85 °C
Duty 203 kW