Refrigeration industry

Refrigeration industry has been one of our main business areas during the 25 year history. We are specialized in applications with natural refrigerants and the Plate & Shell heat exchangers correspond to those requirements ideally. During the past few years, heat pump applications have also gained a lot of ground in the market and the Plate & Shell performance is well experienced in that sector also.

Today, we cooperate with the leading skid manufacturers worldwide. In cooperation with our customers, we have developed both customized products and product lines for optimal performance. We continue R&D work in this sector continuously to provide innovative solutions as the pioneer of the Plate & Shell heat exchangers.

Key benefits:

•        Low refrigerant charge
•        Fully welded and safe construction
•        Customized products
•        Compact size
•        No gaskets (low maintenance costs)
•        Easy to clean
•        Suitable for all refrigerants

Main applications for Vahterus PSHE in refrigeration industry:

•        Evaporators
•        Condensers
•        Cascades
•        Desuperheaters
•        Oil coolers
•        Subcoolers
•        Customized products