фармацевтическая промышленность

Vahterus has a long experience in pharmaceutical industry, especially in refrigeration systems and utility services.

Plate and Shel Heat Exchangers (PSHE) provides you excellent operation in batch processes as well as in continuous processes. You can raise your plant capacity and lower the energy costs with PSHE. It has a short cycle time because of its quick reaction time and a small charge. In the pharmaceutical industry, PSHE is mainly used in these applications:

•    Temperature control units (TCU) for reactor heating and cooling
•    Solvent condensers
•    Steam generators

Temperature Control Units (TCU)

Plate and Shell heat exchangers have been installed in pharmaceutical industry for reactor heating and cooling. Due to the circular shape of plates and shell, PSHE has an excellent resistance against temperature and pressure stress and cycling. A thermal oil is used as a heat transfer medium in heating and cooling of the process. PSHE is a great solution for thermal oil applications because of the fully welded construction without gaskets and its high temperature resistance (up to 550°C). Vahterus has supplied over 1000 heat exchangers to hot thermal oil cooling applications in many business areas.

Solvent condensers

PSHE as a solvent condenser is an efficient and a safe solution in batch processes. Solvent can be e.g. ethanol, methanol, toluene etc. Vahterus has a long experience with different type of materials, stainless steels, 254SMO, Hastelloy (C22 and C276), compatible with solvents.

Plate and Shell has a very flexible design: you can add vent and drain connections with/without flanges, CIP connections etc. depending on your process needs. The most common solution among customers is where the solvent inlet is in the side of the heat exchanger. Condensate can be fully drained from the bottom of the heat exchanger due to the round shell. There is a connection in the top of the heat exchanger where non-condensable and inert gases can be vented easily. Due to a flexible shell structure there are different alternatives for installation. Please check with your Vahterus contact person the most suitable design for the needs of your process