specialty chemical

Fine and specialty chemicals industry is dominated by high unit cost and high raw material costs. Fine chemicals are used as ingredients or as intermediates in the production of more complex specialty chemicals. Fine chemicals can be single substances or mixtures. Speciality chemicals are chemical mixtures for a specific purpose and they are often produced in small scale. Speciality chemical clients are either other chemical industry or domestic consumers. Development of new products and the importance of R&D is characteristic for this industry branch.

Fine and speciality chemicals are mainly manufactured in batches. Plate & Shell heat exchangers (PSHE) gives you excellent operation in a batch process due to its quick reaction time at the start-up and the shut-down and a small charge. A compact PSHE can be fitted to a small space and a wide range of product sizes is available.

теплообменник в химии

Plate & Shell heat exchanger is also a safe solution for your chemical process: a risk of leakage is reduced because PSHE withstands thermal shocks and thermal cycling due to circular plates and a robust shell. The circular shape of a heat exchanger gives also a possibility for a good drainage of product.

PSHE can be used with aggressive chemicals because of its fully welded construction without gaskets. Vahterus has also a long experience with different types of materials such as AISI316/316L, 254 SMO, Duplex, C22, C276, and Titanium.

Due to an efficient heat transfer with turbulent flow, PSHE has a lower tendency to foul up. PSHE is also available as an openable model which gives you a possibility to do mechanical cleaning. Chemical cleaning is also possible. Plate and Shell heat exchanger is working with the true countercurrent flow which enables close approach temperatures between hot and cold side. All the units are individually designed to meet the case specific requirements.

Plate and Shell heat exchangers have been successfully installed in different chemical companies and their different applications. One of the major chemical companies has installed over 400 PSHE units in their plants.