Edible Oil & Biodiesel

PSHEs are used in chemical refining processes for all edible oils, including: palm oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, etc. Furthermore, we have done many projects for biodiesel production plants as well. In those fields Vahterus heat exchangers have been applied successfully as:
•    Oil heaters
•    Coolers / temperature trimmers
•    Recuperators (feed-effluent heat exchangers)
•    Vapor Condensers / sub-coolers (e.g. Hexane, Methanol)
теплообменник в масложировой промышленности

Key benefits of using PSHE within edible oil processing:
1.    Fully welded construction of the platepack eliminates the possibility of leakage
2.    Significantly lower fouling compare to Shell&Tube heat exchangers
3.    High thermal efficiency in heat recovery
4.    Cost efficiency due to compact size and low maintenance costs

Edible oil deodorization is performed industrially in different ways (continuous, semi-continuous or batchwise) and the process itself requires the temperature of the vegetable oil to be around 230°C. PSHE is highly suitable for all those conditions. Most often the oil after deodorization process is used to preheat the oil coming for odor removal.

PSHE also provides certain possibilities for construction:
a.    Fully stainless steel for wetting parts
b.    Openable version for mechanical cleaning
c.    Vertical installation

The case story on sunflower oil-to-oil heat recovery in Kazakhstan can be found from here.

Please contact Vahterus or your local representative for further information.