Теплообменное оборудование в добыче и переработке нефти и газа

Теплообменное оборудование в добыче и переработке нефти и газа

Vahterus offers a mechanically strong and thermally efficient solution for the demanding applications in Energy. With its ability to stand high pressures and temperatures, Vahterus’ fully welded heat exchangers with a strong shell construction are an excellent fit for power plants, district heating and industrial steam applications. Vahterus Plate&Shell- and Plate&Ring- heat exchangers are widely used in traditional coal, gas, oil and biomass fired power plants for instance in feedwater preheating and as condensers.

Vahterus -Plate&Shell- and -Plate&Ring- heat exchangers are an ideal solution for both new installations, retrofits and/or replacement of conventional technologies. Vahterus’ solutions also display environmental benefits for «Green Energy» applications, where customers have observed improved energy efficiencies and recovery/re-use of previous energy losses in the systems.

Efficient heat recovery

Vahterus PSHE, with their efficient heat transfer and high integrity, can provide solutions to improve energy efficiency and in alternative energy applications. The fully welded construction of Vahterus heat exchangers permits heat recovery from very demanding applications; notably when processing aggressive chemicals, and in applications at high pressures and/or high temperatures. As well as traditional heat recovery applications, Vahterus has experience in “green energy systems” like industrial heat pumps, landfill gas recovery, organic Rankine cycle and solar energy applications.

A compact and flexible solution for Steam Applications

Vahterus PSHE provide many benefits in designing and operating steam systems. Utilising their compact and flexible shell construction, PSHE can be customised to individual steam applications, providing a powerful solution to the special requirements of steam systems. PSHE is easy to control on both the steam and condensate side; and since the heat transfer is very efficient, the control is fast and accurate, based on the compact nature (small volume) of the exchanger.

Oil & Gas

With the ability to stand high pressures, low fouling, wide material selection as well as customizable solutions, Vahterus’ heat exchangers is an ideal solution for Upstream Processes, such as Oil & Gas Production, Handling and Transportation, as well as Downstream Processes, such as Refineries and Petrochemical Plants. Utilising a fully welded plate pack within a strong shell construction makes Vahterus PSHE and PRHE a very compact, thermally efficient and cost effective heat transfer solution. Combining the benefits of both shell & tube and plate heat exchangers, Vahterus plate heat exchangers offer solid savings in space by utilizing only 25% of the footprint required by shell & tube heat exchangers.
To further extend Vahterus applications and capabilities within the Oil & Gas sector, it is now possible to utilise Vahterus PSHE with Design Pressures up to 150 bar(g), whilst still benefitting form the space and weights savings PSHE can offer

Oil and Gas Production

  • Crude Oil Coolers and Heater
  • Gas Coolers and Heaters
  • Amine Coolers
  • Heat Exchangers for Dehydration Packages
  • Refrigeration Applications

Oil & Gas Handling and Transportation

  • Oil Heaters and Coolers
  • LPG Coolers and Heaters
  • LPG Condensers
  • Heat Exchangers for Gas Treatment Facilities in Gas Terminals


  • Heaters
  • Coolers
  • Condensers
  • Evaporators
  • Cascade evaporators

Petrochemical Plants

  • Heaters
  • Coolers
  • Condensers
  • Economizers
  • Evaporators