Теплообменное оборудование в химической промышленности

Теплообменное оборудование в химической промышленности

Теплообменники повсеместно используются в химической промышленности, поскольку соответствуют огромному многообразию химических продуктов, предъявляющих широкое разнообразие требований к оборудованию.

Теплообменники способны работать в различных технологических процессах — от охлаждения серной кислоты или хлора после абсорберов до процессов с чистыми веществами, синтетическими волокнами, высокомолекулярными спиртами, альдегидами и т.п. Конструкция аппаратов позволяет осуществлять теплообмен также между очень агрессивными, загрязненными и чистыми средами без смешения.

Vahterus -Plate&Shell-® (PSHE) Heat Exchangers combine the benefits of traditional heat exchangers. PSHE can either be described as a fully welded, high integrity plate heat exchanger, with no gaskets; or a generic alternative to Shell & Tube, approx. 25% of the footprint, displaying both space and weight benefits.

With the physical capability and capacity of 2000 m2 of heat transfer area per exchanger, and the potential to utilise PSHE with design pressures up to 150 bar(g), Vahterus are able to fulfil many heat transfer requirements in the Chemical & Process industries. Operation of PSHE, based on their unique and fully welded construction, is achievable over a wide temperature (-164 to +899 C°) and capacity range (up to 20 000 kW/exchanger).

Efficient heat transfer
Because of the true countercurrent flow and high heat transfer efficiency, PSHE is an excellent choice for chemical processes to improve thermal efficiency of the process. As process fluid interexchangers, PSHE can increase the total energy efficiency of the whole plant, lower the energy and fuel consumption and also decrease its CO2 emissions.
When revamping the capacity of the existing process, or making a new optimized plant, PSHE is an ideal for solution its very compact size. It can be customized flexibly to meet the customer’s needs.

Key benefits of PSHE in chemical and process industry:

  • Close approach temperatures between hot and cold side possible.
  • Safe and robust shell construction to avoid leakages.
  • Because of its quick start-up time, PSHE is well suited for batch processes.
  • PSHE is suitable for industry specific low or cryogenic temperature range.
  • PSHE construction allows flexible inert / condensate removal inside the HE. No need for external separation vessel.
  • Fully stainless steel constructions and also many other special steels and alloys are available as standard solution.
  • PSHE is well-accepted solution in many chemical and process industry applications.

Applications for PSHE can be found in the following areas: