Series Ventum EWK-Modupol

Open, corrosion-free cooling tower wholly of plastic with axial suction fan.

The MODUPOL series is a supplement to the EWK series: It is especially suitable for situations where high cooling performance is required. If that is insufficient, then they can be arranged in a series for even greater performance. A MODUPOL cooling tower comes in pre-assembled individual modules and is made of glass-fibre reinforced polyester.


Modupol series

  • No corrosion, long life due to its construction being entirely of plastic
  • Very high cooling capacity, re-cooling up to 3.600 m3 of water per hour
  • Individual systems in a modular system with several variants and modular designs, witn an optional water basin
  • Low energy consumption and easy maintenance due to induced draught ventilators
  • Simple and economical assembly and factory-installed elements