Расходомеры Sono-Trak DopplerThe Sono-Trak™ Doppler ultrasonic flow meter is a non-invasive, ultrasonic flow metering system that uses advanced ultrasonic technology for higher-accuracy measurement. Based on the principles of the Doppler effect, it calculates flow velocity by sensing and measuring the frequency shift in motion from reflective materials within a liquid.

The Sono-Trak™ Doppler flow meter is based on advanced signal processing technology that dramatically increases the accuracy of flow rate measurement. Its accuracy ratings are typically ±2.0% of full scale as a function of flow profile, and repeatability is ±0.1% of reading.

This flow metering system uses two transducers mounted side by side, operating as ultrasonic signal transmitters and receivers. The measurement is obstructionless, and produces no associated pressure drops. With no moving parts to wear over time, the Sono-Trak™ Doppler flow meter is virtually maintenance-free, and is available in both fixed and portable units.

Reliable and Rugged

  • Automatic gain control -as flow profile changes so does the electronics signal.
  • Noise immunity to variable frequency drive (VFD)
  • User-friendly, easy-to-program display with on-screen prompting and keyboard entry.
  • Digital signal-allows for cable lengths up to 5000 ‘ (1524 m)
  • Available in a fixed or portable unit


  • Non-invasive design
  • Low-cost, simple installation
  • Fits outer diameter pipe sizes from 0.5 to 100″ (13 to 2540 mm)
  • Rugged and maintenance-free-no moving parts
  • No pressure drop and no costly process shutdowns
  • Reliable and accurate flow readings-provides ±2.0% full-scale accuracy and ±0.1% repeatability

Suitable Fluids and Applications
The Sono-Trak Doppler flow meter is suitable for fluids containing suspended particles or bubbles with at least 35 parts per million (ppm) at 40 microns or larger, and a minimum of at least 0.2% density difference from liquid medium.

Some of the materials that are well suited for measuring include:

  • Agricultural Water
  • Abrasives
  • Asphalts
  • Concrete
  • Dredge flows
  • Drilling mud
  • Extremely viscous substances
  • Grout
  • Hazardous wastes
  • Large contaminates
  • Municipal sludge and wastes
  • Paper pulp
  • Rendering products
  • Reservoirs and runoffs
  • Rivers and Streams
  • Sludge
  • Slurries
  • Suspended solids

    Display Module
    A user-friendly, easy-to-read display provides continuous, real-time flow rate, velocity, and totalization measurements in user-selectable engineering units. On-screen prompting and a full-function, 32-character, dual-line, alphanumeric keypad entry make programming effortless

The display reads pulse, voltage, and analog rates, and it includes built-in high/low limit alarms, 4 to 20 mA signals, and an echo light to indicate whether the signal is producing accurate readings.