We are unique in our versatility: At Cofely, expertise in technology, energy and service comes together to form an integrated portfolio that can be used to take on even the most demanding tasks. We see challenges where others see problems. We also offer solutions where normally only questions are found - these are not just mere words but we would like to show you with commitment and know-how. We are European leaders regarding the efficient use of energy and as part of the GDF SUEZ Group we can rely on the strength of one of the largest energy companies in the world. In Germany, Cofely is represented by the four divisions Technical Building Systems, Energy Services, Facility Services and Refrigeration

Cofely Refrigeration GmbH

Cofely Refrigeration GmbH — немецкая компания с более чем 100 летним опытом в области строительства холодильного оборудования. В 1957 году компания Cofely построила свою первую градирню.

С тех пор Cofely является одним из мировых лидеров, а ее продукция неизменно соответствует всем стандартам и тенденциям современного рынка промышленного холода.