This year’s international „Global District Energy Climate Award“ in the category „New systems“ was awarded by Euroheat & Power to the Biomass-CHP plant in Hungerkamp in Braunschweig, Germany by BS Energy (Veolia).
Julien Mounier, BS Energy-Vice president and director of Veolia‘s Energy Division explains that they chose CHP in Braunschweig for the dedicated purpose of a climate-friendly and efficient supply of power and heat to the community. The Global District Energy Climate Award for the Biomass-CHP plant is taken as a confirmation of the company’s conviction that this is the “right way” to go.

To walk this „right way“, BS Energy also makes use of Kohlbach know-how and Kohlbach biomass boiler technology to generate bio-heat from the renewable wood fuels sourced from the local region.

With the start-up of the Biomass-CHP in Braunschweig a total of 34 old domestic plants were taken successfully out of operation, that were in part still fired with oil or coal. The new Biomass-CHP in Hungerkamp now generates 9,2 Mio. kWh/a of green power from bio-methan (corresponds to ~ 2300 households) plus 15,6 Mio. kWh/a of „green“ heat (corresponds to ~ 1000 households). The award now gives due international acclaim to a very successful contribution for the increase of local value creation as well as climate protection.

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During the 2013 Export Day on the 20th June, awards were presented to 150 SMEs by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, represented by its president Dr Christopher Leitl, in recognition of their status as niche world champions. Among them was the KOHLBACH Group, for which CEO Walter Kohlbach collected the award.

The niche world championship is a competition for companies from all over the world, which are in a leading position in a specific niche thanks to their performance and technological leadership. They are usually family run, and give value to the creation of a good working environment as well as to the creation of innovative products. The term “hidden champions is sometimes used to describe these small and medium-sized enterprises.
Sounds like KOHLBACH.


It is already the second time that our innovative central flow furnace — system K12 — has been awarded with an innovation prize in the new and emergent French market.
We are very proud that during the Bois Energie fair in Saint Étienne a well-known jury chaired by seven persons has acknowledged our intense research and development activities. We were awarded with the „Grand Prix de l’Innovation“.

For the evaluation, particular weight was given to the efficiency, the availability and the low efforts to clean the entire plant.