With great care we select only the highest quality materials and steels as well as the best control system technology for you so that your plant can meet the highest demands in daily use — under the most challenging conditions.

In the worst-case scenario, Kohlbach has an entire highly qualified service fleet available for you round the clock.

The Kohlbach remote access can be utilised simply and quickly for remote diagnostics. Additional functions can even be programmed remotely according to your wishes, so quickly and cost-effectively it seems as though our technicians are really on site with you.

Wherever and whenever you want — one call is all it takes!

  • We will not leave you alone
  • An entire service fleet is at your disposal round the clock across Europe
  • Smooth and fast spare part supply, even decades later
  • High availability of your plant
  • Optimal emission values and consistently high degrees of efficiency
  • Maximum service life of your plant
  • Plant optimisation for all makes and manufacturers