Бойлер мощности 400 to 15,000 kW


Теплая вода до 110 °C или горячая вода до 200 °C


  • 3-х ходовые или 2-х ходовые котлы для работ с разной нагрузкой
  • горизонтальная версия для исключения для исключения радиационных потерь и улучшенный КПД или вертикального типа в случае ограниченности места
  • 6 — 16 бар рабочее давление: каждый котел спроектирован под требования заказчика

Дополниетльное оборудование

  • Fully automatic boiler tube cleaning by means of compressed air to allow continuous operation times up to 4,000 operating hours: Thus the overall efficiency and the availability of the complete system are increased for the operator
  • Safety heat exchanger for emergency cooling
  • Boiler tube cleaning machine
  • Automatically controlled return flow protection with its own pump, which protects the boiler in all operational states from return temperatures being too low.

Designed, constructed and tested in accordance with: EC directive 97/23/EC (Pressure Equipment Directive) whilst employing the following technical specifications: TRD regulations [German technical regulations for steam boilers], AD bulletins [pressure vessels workgroup], EN 287, EN 288, etc, monitoring of the quality assurance system through TÜV-Management Service GmbH, South German TÜV corporate group.

  • Long operating life
  • Exemplary high efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Extended full-load runtimes between maintenance shut-downs due to large heating surfaces reserves